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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Very Early Numbers

Well, the very early number aren't matching up with the MSM narrative so far, but it is early: Edwards 38%, Clinton 33%, and Obama 26.5%. Yes, these are numbers that I would love to see the night finish up with, but this is with a hair over 2% of the precincts reporting. Total state precincts are 1,781. Nice job by the Iowa Democratic party with their live results page.
Update I: With 4.5% reporting I like the lead Edwards is holding so far, but according to the MSM narrative it won't hold, it's Edwards in 3rd place all the way. So far: Edwards 37%, Clinton 31%, and Obama 28%. The result that would be the best for Edwards is a no brainer - Edwards 1st, Obama 2nd, and Clinton 3rd. Let's cross our fingers and hope my prediction is utter nonsense.
Update II: Open Left and MyDD are predicting doom for Edwards (sigh). With about 15% reporting Edwards still holding because of all the rural precincts reporting in early. Its the urban areas where Edwards is supposed to hit the wall and it all comes tumbling down for Obama or Clinton. Hillary would be my second choice btw since Obama trashed trial lawyers, Gore, and Kerry recently proving once again his tendency to embrace GOP talking points.