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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nevada Democratic Debate

The debate is going pretty well I think. Edwards just gave a great answer on the backruptcy bill he voted yes on when he was in the Senate by admitting he was wrong to cast that vote. I loved the way he tied in the catastrophic medical illness and how it shouldn't be a reason to claim bankruptcy and also exposes a deeper promblem with both policies, or rather lack of one. Very nice indeed. HIllary's answer was a forgettable one. She waded herself between both issues: bankruptcy and medical coverage. Obama gave a similar answer to Edwards but he did tie both together. Hillary missed on that one.

Update: I know I'm an Edwards partisan, but his answers were great on Iraq. I believe he has actually moved the positions of the other two his way. His distinction about where combat troops being posted in Kuwait as opposed to keeping any combat troops in Iraq made the other two clarify their positions that now seem more in line with his. Excellent. If anything this made me feel better about the other two as well.

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