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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rudy's Secret

I just saw an even newer campaign ad by Rudy this morning claiming he will cut trillions, yes, thats right "trillions" of dollars in new tax cuts in his first year in office. This is on top of a, so far, estimated two trillion dollar war that is nowhere near over.

I think I found out what Rudy's secret is regarding challenging the American people. In a previous ad he intoned that when American's are 'challenged they always step and and meet them. Well with trillions of dollars in tax cuts on the way in his first year in office I can already see the "challenges" ahead:
  • No FDA
  • No Air Traffic Control
  • Which means on FAA
  • No OSHA
  • No Interstate Hwy maintenance
  • No...I think you get my drift.
The challenge will be no governement services we surely take for granted by now. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm looking forward to going to the supermarket and flipping a coin on whether the meat I'm buying isn't laden with deadly bacteria because the meat packer decided to make some cuts in production process.
What joy.
Update: Poor Rudy!