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Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Obama win in SC has talking heads spinning

Now that Obama has wrapped up the SC primary [most of the networks have called it without even 1% of the vote registering] the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN keep wondering how much of President Clinton's stature has diminished within the Democratic party. Howard Fineman, who has held a love affair with the Bushian image from the beginning, looks absolutely delighted at that prospect. I am somewhat taken about about the race factor that is being brought up over and over by the spinning heads. Veering away from that lovely subject I am also struck by the fact the spinning heads seem to think this win by Obama gives him the momentum of a front runner. Right now I don't see Clinton losing Florida. If that holds all this does is muddy the water about front runner status. At this point I don't see the "Super Tuesday" primaries settling anything.

Update: I am continuously stunned the network spinning heads always seem shocked the African American community is not a monolithic voting block. Just shocked. That in itself is racist since the broadcasts tonight insists on bringing it up in almost every sentence.

Update II: That was some speech by Sen. Obama. I'm continuously amazed at his capacity to speak extemporaneously without notes or telepromter and bring the house down. He did have a great line in that speech: "This election is about the past versus the future." Obama and Edwards' complete speeches were shown while they cut away from Hillary's speech in Nashville to speak live with John Edwards. I think the polls had Edwards had 15% and he's winding up with about 18%. So he's showing progress and he did say he was pulling in more money than ever right now.

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