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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Obama yard signs stolen

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to putting up a couple of "Obama for President" yard signs up in my yard. My house sits on a corner log so I got a sign for both sides. As I was putting them up I pondered how long it would take before they were either defaced or simply stolen. As I live in a neighborhood where registered Democrats are a distinct minority I figured it would not take long. For two weeks I was pleasantly surprised as I pulled in to my driveway noting my signs were still intact. Just yesterday I was thinking as I was pulling in from work maybe I was just being too cynical as the sun seemed to glint off of the bright blue color of my side yard sign nearest my driveway. That was yesterday.

This morning as I sleepily stumbled out into my yard to retrieve my paper my cynicism was validated. Both signs were gone. They were just stolen by someone who actually wanted the signs. They only took the sign itself leaving behind the wire frames. It was their subtle way of telling me that not only did they not want the signs - - they didn't want me to have them either in this "GOP" neighborhood.

I'll be on my way this morning headed out to get two more signs. Looks like the yard sign war is on.