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Sabbatical's End

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well, that took a while. I had not counted on the final steps toward earning my permanent teaching certificate being that intense. When I finally finished at the end of July I was so blown out I didn’t want to go anywhere near my laptop. I just wanted to take a breather. Then before I could turn around the first day of school was looming upon me. While preparing for that tropical storm Fay decided to blunder into our lives and become a major disruption. As I sit here the debris from the storm is still sitting at the end of my driveway waiting to be picked up by the city sanitation service. Now we are looking toward the possibility of two more Atlantic basin storms heading our way for more very unwelcome disruptions. My tale of course pales in contrast to the possible tragic consequences of Hurricane Gustav and we here at Truman's Conscience hopes that Gustav's track finds itself somewhere else other than inhabited coast lines.

A lot has happened during this unintended sabbatical. We have a new nominee in Barack Obama who has unlimited potential and a GOP standard bearer that represents everything the Republican party has stood for over the past 50 years. There is a lot I need to catch up so I need to get started.