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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Following the caucus

With just over 20% of the precincts reporting Edwards' lead is now tenious: 33/32/32 with Obama and Clinton respectively. This is the prefered order I'd like to see the finish as I've already stated in the opening post. My guess is the rural precincts are starting to weigh in and this is where we will see Edwards start to fade. Ugh. This will not be pretty if this trend holds up. I'll wait until 50% (890 precincts reporting) are reporting until the next update. It the news is really bad I may wait untily they are all in after that for a wrap up.

Update I: CNN calls it for Gomer (Huckabee). Romney's campaign should be imploding right about now with all that money spent for this weird result. Fred Thompson is, of course toast.

Update II: Just finished watching the GOP chair in Iowa gushing over Gomer. Something tells me the Huckster is going to shock the GOP establishment. Yuck. David Gergan just saying Romney is done. It's the Mormonism according to them. Looks like the GOP is going to need that South Carolina firewall after all for McCain. With over 50% of the precincts reporting looks like Edwards won't even make second place and Obama is going to run away with it: 34%/31.5%/31% Obama, Edwards and Clinton respectively.

Update III: CNN calls it for Obama.