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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Florida Blogosphere Zeitgeist

So Baker and Holmes County joins the young earth society. And yet these people rely on a culture of pharmaceuticals where a large part of their R & D is based on Darwinian science? Go Figure.....And then there is the right way to get the homeless off the street. And oh, btw, Jacqueline Dowd is a goddess, I’m just sayin’……Andrea Mitchell fesses up? Get Alan Greenspan a defribulator!.....And now the dog’s view on the post New Hampshire mystery. Or was that a mustang I saw instead?.....In my best little Brandon de Wilde voice from the end of the movie “Shane:” Robert C.! Come Back! Robert C!.....Guiliani doing the limbo rock? Ow! My eyes! My eyes!.....A very Lucky White Girl’s perspective on global justice is just what the doctor ordered…..From out in left field I get my daily dose of Catherine to clear the palette…..A Pensacolan is wondering the same thing I am…..I just didn’t realize nipples could have such a profoundness about them…..and finally, Judy Hill over at Sticks of Fire speaks for us Foster parents with a voice that sings.


Sinfonian said...

That first link is bad ...

Sinfonian said...

Well, okay, but I was hoping you'd fix the link to go to me rather than the newspaper. ;)

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