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Friday, January 18, 2008

Offline until Sunday...

I'm still doing grades (have I forgot to mention I'm a school teacher?) and my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow and we are making a big deal out of it - she's turning 2! Might be a cute daughter picture coming when I'm back online Sunday.

Update: I've been really sick since Saturday and haven't really been up to posting, especially about the Nevada and S.C. primaries as well as the upcoming Florida primary. Hopefully I will be feeling well enough today (Wednesday, 1/23) to post later.


Vox Populi said...

Give out tons of a's. (just kidding)

Happy Birthday to your beloved Jamie.
And, ENJOY !! To you and your wife and family.
Take so many pictures you break the bank.

Jessica said...


Since religion and politics is such a hot topic right now, and with Florida in the election spotlight, I thought you may be interested in a film that just came out titled: “Article VI: Faith. Politics. America.” The film was directed by Bryan Hall and Jack Donaldson. It is an intense discussion of the role of faith in politics. The title is taken from Article Six of the United States Constitution: "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

If you haven’t seen the trailer I suggest you check it out:

(DVD’s just went on sale as well.) Let me know what you think!

TrumanDem said...


Thanks for the heads up. No, I haven't heard of this film before you brought it to my attention. I just viewed the trailer from the link you sent me and it does look compelling.

Of course you can't tell from the trailer and it's impossible to know but it seems to concentrate on the religious issue strictly from a domestic perspective. As a school teacher (I teach World History and A.P. World History) I always tell my kids if you want to see the result of a government that embraces theological doctrine as a basis for governence just look overseas. The resulting upheavals are not pretty and has very massive and lethal consequences.

I also suggest they read "The Adams-Jefferson Letters" where John Adams and Thomas Jefferson over two decades discuss the evils of religion in government. Folks that vociferously claim at the top of their lungs "we are a Christian country" would have exploding heads after reading a few of these written exchanges and realize these two are advocating our nation is anything but a religious based nation.

I am looking forward to seeing this film. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.


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