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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A few Florida political wire items of note

Well, looks like former senator and two-time Gov. Bob Graham has a message for other politicians: behave yourself….Listening to FauxNews explain to their wingnut base why McCain will win Michigan and Florida is like having a root canal without Novocain. But if I had a choice, that root canal's looking pretty good…..Rudy takes a new step for politicians I haven’t seen before: his new Florida ad parody’s himself. But then the New York Times sees it as a paean to the Brady Bunch. Go figure…..I see Al Sharpton made a surprise visit to West Palm Beach with his best impression of Joe Friday asking only for the facts ma’am…..As the GOP candidates get ready to head to Florida for the Jan. 29th primary they finally figure out, “Hey! It is the economy, stupid!…..Rudy does his best impression of Erol Flynn playing Custer and tells everyone that in Florida he has the GOP right where he wants them…..And speaking of Rudy, I wonder if he ran into the Rev. Al Sharpton while he was in West Palm Beach?…..And finally, a Florida blogger asks why anyone should be shocked at the Iranian reaction to U.S. naval vessels paralleling their coast line?

Update: Jerome Armstrong of MyDD tells us why Florida now matters to Obama. He passes along this interesting quote from an Obama campaign strategist:
"Advisers to Barack Obama are increasingly convinced that the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination will continue past February 5, when 24 states will hold nominating contests, including California, New York, and New Jersey. "It will not be finished February 5," says a senior Obama strategist. But he admits that a lot depends on the outcome of the South Carolina primary for the Democrats on January 26. If Obama wins there, he will revive his momentum going into the Florida primary January 29 and Mega Tuesday on February 5. Then the battle will move to the contests of mid- and late February and early March."

I'm just wondering, when was the last time a Florida presidential primary mattered?