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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The National Blogger Zeitgeist

Daily Kos & Atrios are reporting that first, New Mexico’s Gov. Richardson was dropping out of the race, which was then followed by denials from his campaign. An update on Daily Kos now has him just suspending his campaign for legislative business…..Looks like Romney is pulling all his ads out of Florida – I guess son Tagg was starting to complain about the inheritance drying up….. Little Ricky Santorum disses the entire GOP field of Presidential candidates? Say it ain't so Ricky!.....Law & Order man Fred Thompson got less votes in New Hampshire than the write-ins? Ouch……If I were single and Rachel Maddow weren’t gay I’d propose, I’m just sayin’……Ah, so it wasn’t Hillary’s tears, it was Obama’s message of conciliation and reaching across the aisle that lost him New Hampshire. Gosh, all that anger at Bush, imagine that…..A booby trapped house in Iraq kills 6 U.S. soldiers. Memo to the MSM: I don’t think it’s the surge that’s “working.” The insurgents have changed tactics you blowholes……Uh, whoever this spokesperson for Obama is they need to shut the hell up right now! What's that? It's Jesse Jackson, Jr!?! That's even worse!…..O.k. everyone, listen up. Goldman Sachs makes it official. We are in a recession. I’m glad that’s settled…..Wait a minute here! I thought that “surge” was working! The MSM told me so!....Speaking of the the MSM: “We loves us some McCain!.....John Cole makes a funny…..And now, my guilty pleasure – I loves me some trainwreck,....oh the drama!