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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Running off at the keyboard...

I'm still working on my teacher certification stuff so the posting has been a little lighter than usual. In any event, my prediction for the primary tonight on the GOP side: McCain, Romney, Huckster, Guilini, and the rest in that order. For the Dems I see Hillary (barely), Obama, and Edwards. Btw, there's interesting talk about Edwards as AG buzzing around on the 'net so that remains to be seen.....I think Crist's endorsement of McCain may have actually boosted him a little, how much? Who knows, I'm not that big on endorsements actually counting for anything other than more free media.....So far my favorite review of Shrub's last (thank God) SOTU speech last night comes from Hunter via Daily Kos:
"Jesus, what a trite, boring speech. And "trite" is probably the nicest description. A laundry list of stuff he obviously doesn't mean, never worked meaningfully towards in the last seven years, and won't give a rat's ass about two hours from now when he's back in the White House. A few petty whines about earmarks and judges to remind 'em he's still the deciderer. And a big, last ditch helping of empty talk trying to redeem his own personal clusterf---, Iraq. Platitude, bluster, platitude, threat, platitude, pander, platitude. What a waste... for this, we numbed the butts of hundreds of our most esteemed citizens."
And then from Think Progress we get Bush telling us about his wonderful comfort level within the confines of his little WH bubble:
"[...]you know there’s just a certain freedom of movement that you don’t have and so I tell people, “yeah, there’s a bubble but life’s pretty comfortable inside the bubble."
What a leader. And we couldn't find anyone in 2004 to beat this moron?.....More economic good news, new home sales have redefined the word "dive" since "plummeting" isn't quite emphatic enough. Maybe "fallen off a cliff" would have been better. Btw, this is a new first for Bush, every administration since Roosevelt (that's Teddy, not Franklin) has always been able to boost about new home sales,.....unitl now anyway.....Interesting that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg(sp?) and her uncle Sen. Ted Kennedy have both endorsed Sen. Obama. Caroline was comparing him to her father in the press release.....
"[...]I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president — not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans."
And last but not least, the main problem I've had with Sen. Obama is his propensity to run away from progressive or liberal positions when discussing issues. Like me, Marcos over at his site Daily Kos has had the same problem,.....
"One of the problems I've had with Barack Obama, and the main reason I've never gotten on the bandwagon (even though I already mailed in my vote for him), was that he never criticized from the left."
I'm still waiting for him to cross over to the river Jordan of liberal and progressive values. Nothing irritates me more than a politician who runs away from the word "liberal."

Btw, I haven't mentioned it or talked with them because I've been so wrapped up in my certification stuff, but I'm going to mosey over to the new Duval County DEC HQ and see if they'll premit me to live blog for awhile from there tonight. Who knows, if I get lucky they may even let me broadcast live. We'll see...