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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Too Close To Call
It starting to look like this one is going for Hillary. This after the MSM has written her off. Wow. The polls, as Chris Bowers over at Open Left opined were stunningly wrong. Even if she winds up finishing in second by a razor thin margin this is a stunner. This portends a long road toward the nomination that will turn into a slugfest.
I just finished watching John Edwards speaking declaring "Two states down, forty-eight to go!" I was going to post about Glen Greenwald's report on the surge no one is reporting on about the Edwards campaign. That will have to come later.
MSNBC calling it for Hillary. Her victory speech should be interesting as the pollsters dust off their resumes and look for jobs they might actually know something about.
Update: Just saw this over on Eschaton and my side is splitting:

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