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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Local Northeast Florida Media Zeitgeist

Well, I see that via the Florida Times-Union the Department of Homeland Security considers little ol' me a potential threat to national security because I'm a,..... B L O G G E R! I'm continously struck by the propensity of this WH to chase after anyone and everyone who has done nothing but be Americans and make a point of not going after anyone and everyone who has had anything to do with 9/11. Osama Bin Ladin is still held up somewhere in the hills of northern Pakistan but DHS is going to keep a weary eye on this blog. I am also amazed at the fact that the Clinton administration was able to capture everyone involved with the '93 WTC bombing and all without infringing on anyone's civil liberties or taking extrodinary measures such as FISA restructuring and restricting habeous corpus.....I guess I can forget getting the badly needed computer projector for my classroom next year as the Amendment 1 Property Tax Cut passed statewide even though, as the Florida Times-Union informs us, its passage was somewhat of a surprise and Duval county voted it down. Being a school teacher I was more acutely aware of what this irresponsible tax cut did than most and sure enough our principal informed us yesterday that we [the Duval County Public School System] could expect a $74 million shortfall over the next five years. I'm always a little perplexed at the GOP brand name proudly identifying with anti-civic minded principles at the expense of public services and education. For some reason the GOP favors the defunding of the governing process as a virtue to boast about. If the Democratic party ever figures out how to frame this properly we could smite these self aggrandizing maggots once and for all.....Will someone please tell the editors at the Folio to stop identifying Andy Johnson as a local progressive? Everytime he gets mentioned in the press somehow that link comes up and then of course he denies being one. One or two programs that fit the criteria of being liberal/progressive radio does not qualify Mr. Johnson's new broadcast enterprise as a "bastion of progressive talk radio".....I see where SunTrust, BofA and Wachovia has cut their prime interest rate from 6.5% to 6% to help counter the 0.6% growth of the national economy in the fourth quarter, meanwhile, the subprime crisis continues and keeps growing. With the Amendment 1 property tax cut now in the books the city services for our neighborhoods in areas where the subprime crisis is acute can only make for dream times, can't it? Dontcha just love this Bushian economy?.....Hopefully the seventh year of the public hand wringing over the court house will be the charm...... I guess to preach against sin, one must first know sin.....Nothing like a turncoat Democrat endorsing a Republican Presidential candidate.....and finally, can someone get this girl a shrink? She keeps intruding on my serious news search.

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