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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Predictions
Well, Markos made his, so why not join in the madness and fun and see just how wrong I can be? I missed the mark badly on Iowa so let's see how close I can come here. With the Independent votes weilding such power in this open primary it's natural to assume Obama and McCain will be the benefactors. In any event here's my take:
  • Obama: 43%
  • Edwards: 23%
  • Cliinton: 21%

I think Hillary is bleeding so badly here she'll have to wait until Michigan and the 2/5/08 NY Primary to regain some footing. All we can do now is wait. As for the GOP:

  • Romney: 31%
  • McCain: 29%
  • The Huckster: 16%
  • & The Rest

Ah, the fun begins in only a few hours. Obama's victory speech should be interesting.

Update: I'll have interesting new data on Edwards surging the media is desparately trying to avoid later.

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