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Sunday, January 13, 2008

O.k., so Edwards is angry...

And can someone please explain to me why the rest of the Democratic field of candidates for President aren't? Polls in both New Hampshire and Iowa showed a majority of voters to be angry with Bush and our government overall right now.

So yeah, Edwards is angry. Memo to the MSM: so are a lot of us you blowholes. And then the Washington post goes on to tell us the Democratic party establishment is angry at Edwards. Really? Names please.

Update: Looks like Edwards isn't the only one who's angry. Courtesy of diarist infidelpig via The Booman's Tribune, Truman's Conscience has discovered the former '04 Democratic VP candidate has pissed off the corporate world which, no doubt, includes the insurance companies:
"We plan to build a grass-roots business organization so strong that when it bites you in the butt, you bleed," chamber President Tom Donohue said."
Uh, Mr. Donohue. Would that include the likes of Exxon and the rest of the oil companies that have broken unprecedented historical world records for profits this year? What about the insurance companies like CIGNA, who are finding creative ways to kill their policy holders without paying out on those policies?

Mr. Donohue explains further:
"Reacting to what it sees as a potentially hostile political climate, Donohue said, the chamber will seek to punish candidates who target business interests with their rhetoric or policy proposals, including congressional and state-level candidates.Although Donohue shied away from precise figures, he indicated that his organization would spend in excess of the approximately $60 million it spent in the last presidential cycle. That approaches the spending levels planned by the largest labor unions."
So much for the consumer in all of this who patronizes these businesses. We've already got toys dripping in lead and they are the ones pissed off?

No wonder Edwards is pissed.

Update II: I'm glad somebody's finally getting angry.


Vox Populi said...


Did you see the headlines that race will topple the democratic party?? LMAO.
Errr yeah cause there's no possibility that clinton and obama will go down in flames and let john get some MSM attention.

They just ignore edwards.
Could that be because ALL of the MSM are CORPORATIONS>>

And he has pissed them off and scared them???

TrumanDem said...

Yeah, looks like he's tied with Obama and Clinton in Nevada. I know I've got my fingers crossed. We just started early voting here in Jacksonville today. This weekend my wife and I are going to do our bit for Edwards.

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