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Monday, April 02, 2007

Who's he kidding?

So let me get this straight. The former owner of the Texas Ranger and current occupant of the WH will miss the ceremonial first pitch of the new Baseball season. Said former owner finds it necessary to tell the media it isn't because he is afraid to be booed.

Yeah. Right. Mr. 33% popularity isn't afraid of being booed? I'm reminded of the seedy little motel one sees on backroads that advertise in broken neon letters "clean rooms." A motel with sanitary facilities should be a given without mention. Finding it necessary to advertise the fact that indeed you have "clean rooms" should be a red flag they have been an issue before. This push by the WH says the same thing. If the Texas Ranger (who is really from Connecticutt - what is it about this guy that always feels the need to dress in a costume?) feels the need to tell everyone he's missing the opening day ceremonial first pitch isn't because he's afraid of being booed,.......well, it because he's afraid of being booed. Count on it.