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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Collapse of Air America Radio

I just read where Sam Sedar will no longer have his 9:00am morning show. With the demise of Morning Sedition with Marc Maron and Al Franken leaving to run for the U.S. Senate this more or less kills what was a promising outlet for liberal and progressive views. Now the new owner, Marc Green, the poor man's version of a liberal, has effectively killed off what was with this new move.

Green, who is nothing more than a LINO (Liberal In Name Only) will now complete the mutation of Air America into something liberal/progressives will surely shun while the O'Reilly's of the world will howl with delight and boast that liberal/progressive views are not a viable perspective for success in mainstream media markets. Of course Pacifica Radio won't get any mention because of its low media profile. It's more like a C-Span version of news and commentary with a liberal/progressive perspective preaching to the choir. This format will not be drawing new markets for listeners because its not designed to. The promise of Air America was to introduce these views to a more mainstream audience open to change and fresh thinking.

The Thom Hartman Show, which replaced the departing Al Franken, is so dull it would drop a charging rhino into a coma while Randi Rhodes is like fingers across a chalk board with her repetitious rants. The only semblance of anything remarkable left is the wonderful Rachel Maddow who has somehow evaded Green's penchant for killing a golden goose so far. The rest of the shows left are just time fillers with no future.

Air America, we hardly knew ye. So long.


gregrocker said...

You are utterly clueless. Randi Rhodes has 2 million listeners. If you gotta problem with women then get some help. If you don't like Thom Hartmann, it's because he is smarter than you can comprehend. Air America is going nowhere but up. It is not Mark Green who is financing it but his billionaire brother who turns to gold everything he touches. So now they have a real start-up financier, and from their current 3 million base it is only going up.

Like you think the left would totally cede talk radio to the rightist monsters who used it to take over our country?

Michael said...

Uh, Greg. Take it easy. And you can stop with the right wing practice attaching "if you've got a problem with...[whatever]" because I don't a particular person of gender, race and e.t.c. Rachel Maddow is wonderful and as far as I'm concerned she's all that's left on the network worth listening to for new listeners.

As for Thom Hartman, I said nothing about his intelligence or that I thought otherwise. For me he's dull, and I mean dull. I like that Air America started out edgy. Ms. Rhodes is a little repetitive for me with a tendency to do monologues that are overly long.

Liberal/Progressive views need a media outlet that will draw new listeners. If you present them with in your face presentations (Rhodes) or professotorial soliloquies (Hartman).

This is not a judgement of listener intelligence but whether or not they are a casual listeners. Most of us are policy wonks and I already agree with Hartman. I want to hear rock and roll not be apart of the choir when imbibing in my talk radio.

Drew said...

Hey guys.....I'm trying with all my might to get on AA. But they only want the academic types. I guess my NYU education is not enough. The new program director, David Bernstein Is only interested in existing shows. I can only fit 3 min on YouTube. I'm a lefty, creative, ENTERTAINING and would do a show from my basement if I had the financial resources. I like to look at all sides of an argument. My local radio won't have me because of my slightly liberal bias, and the biggies won't have me because I'm unknown. Help spread the message.