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Monday, April 16, 2007

Video of John Edwards' Jacksonville Appearance on Thursday, 4/12/07

While I was researching a wrap analysis of Senator Edwards' speech this past Thursday at FCCJ's South Campus here in Jacksonville, FL, I stumbled across this video of the event posted on You Tube. It captures the crowd nicely and my best extimate for the size would be about 400. The Florida Times Union said 300, while CNN (I lost the url on this one) estimated it to be around 500. (How's that for sticking my neck out?.....I figured somehwere in the middle.) Anyway, nice job by this person who posted it up. I thought about bringing my video camera as well, but with a laptop, digital camera and jockeying for position I knew it wouldn't be practical. The video is a little of 4:00 minutes long and it captures the essence of the speech.