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Friday, April 13, 2007

John Edwards: "We need to become patriotic about something more than just this war."

Last night this was the line from the speech that got the most enthusiastic and longest lasting ovation. Later today I'll talk about Sen. Edwards speech last evening and flesh out the important themes he presented and how critical they are for the new leadership we so desperately need in this country right now. The speech was very impressive and well thought out. It reminded me of John F. Kennedy on so many levels.

Right now Senators Obama and Clinton have staked out positions that cut against the base of the Democratic Party. Senator Clinton especially has painted herself in a corner by stating emphatically that a continued major military presence will remain behind in Iraq in her administration.

Later, I'll wrap up last night's event with an analysis of the speech and post all the photos taken on photobucket so anyone can share last night's experience on some level. It was a great night and frankly, somewhat exhausting.

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