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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Edwards leading the way

If there was any doubt about Edwards shedding himself of a consultant leaden campaign and letting his instincts lead the way on issues let those doubts be washed away now. We learn via Daily Kos the Edwards campaign has just thrown FOXNews for a loop again by exposing them for what they really are: nothing more than a propaganda arm of the GOP.

Edwards thumbed his nose earlier at FOXNews' attempt to frame the race for the Democratic nomination through right wing spin by not accepting an earlier invitation to the FOXNews sponsored debate in Nevada this August. Now he tells FOXNews again "no thanks" via an e-mail by deputy campaign director John Prince with the bark off:

"We just called the CBC to let them know
that we're looking forward to their January debate with CNN but we're not going
to participate in the proposed debate with Fox. The CBC champions critical
issues that matter enormously to the future of our country, and we look forward
to discussing them throughout this campaign and at their debate in January. But
we believe there's just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform to
advance the right-wing agenda while pretending they're objective. If there was
any uncertainty as to Fox's objectivity, it was put to rest when they attacked
Democratic candidates, Democratic constituency groups, and the Nevada Democratic
party when their last proposed debate was cancelled for lack of

Wow. Can't get any clearer than that. This crystallizes the issue regarding the other candidates in the field as he outflanks them letting them know he's controlling his campaign and defining it before anyone else can. There's no hesitation waiting for a decision by "consultant committee" while the other campaigns are left reacting.

Meanwhile Edwards is sure to hit them with another right hook as he pivots and calls for the others to co-sponsor the Feingold-Reid Iraq bill. (note: Chris Dodd already has).

Wow, indeed. Go John, Go! Can't wait to see him here in Jacksonville on Wednesday.