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Why Clinton Lost

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be out a few more days but Hunter at Daily Kos forced me to pop in and do ths drive by post and contribute to the "why Clinton lost" noise filtering through the liberal blogosphere this morning.

Daily Kos is spending the day with their contributors penning post mortems on the Clinton campaign. If Hunters piece is any indication of what the Daily Kos regulars are in for (that includes me) it will be a long day for them. This isn't rocket science. His piece was 2,703 words long. He mentions the word "Iraq" twice (once as a side issue not related to his arguement) and the word "war" once, again not related to his arguement. Hillary lost because of her war vote. Period. That vote for authorization of the war and the subsequent dance around the issue she did made my support for her prohibitave. Matt Yglesias made the same point this morning about the New York times piece on the same issue of why Hillary lost. They didn't even mention it once.

Wow. What a monumential waste of bandwidth and ink. To paraphrase a Clinton '92 campaign slogan, "It was the war, stupid." Sheesh. How hard is that to figure out.

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Sunny said...

Not hard at all to figure out. Not hard at all.