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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Does Obama’s V.P. Short List Now Include Rep. Robert Wexler?

Adam Smith over at St. Petersburg Times’ “The Buzz” seems to think it might be possible. The eleven-year Congressman out of Florida’s 19th congressional district is definitely what one would consider a firebrand. He would fit perfectly into the running mate’s traditional role of a pit bull on the stump and he’s wildly popular in his district.

When I saw Smith’s article I took a closer look at Wexler and his district. In 2004 and 2006 he ran unopposed which is no surprise in a district with a PVI of D+21. That would be inline with the last time he had an opponent in 2002 when he popped 72% of the vote. In 2004 Bush only managed 34% of the popular vote there with an ethnic demographic of 87% white, 13% Hispanic, 6% Black, and 2% Asian. He is most known for a controversial appearance on Comedy Central’s Steven Colbert Show where he went along with a comedy routine pretending to be an admitted cocaine user who used the services of prostitutes. When several members of the MSM did not understand that Mr. Colbert’s show was a fake news program based on comedic suppositions, Colbert had to make an appearance out of character on the program and remind them Wexler was playing along with the joke.

At 47, he is younger than Sen. Obama and would fit nicely in his circle of advisors as a sitting member with the House Judiciary Committee since the Presidential candidate has expressed a desire to review all of Bush’s Executive Orders for constitutionality. Along with the fact he came out for Obama early he would come to the ticket without a national power base to challenge the equilibrium of Obama’s and bring with him his bona fides as an active Jew involved in efforts to increase closer American-Israeli relations.

I actually can’t see any downsides of Wexler upon initial analysis with the exception of the Colbert appearance, which seems minimal and a lack of name recognition. Add to the fact he is from Florida the geographical balance wouldn’t hurt even though I believe that myth has been laid to rest for sometime now. Given some time to think about it I might think he wouldn’t be a bad choice. Not a bad choice at all.

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