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Rep. Brown-Waite (R-FL, D5) Adopts The GOP "Brand" Of Insult To Rally Support For Offshore Drilling

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of the things that puzzles me the most is how Republican politicians always adopt the most snide language possible when asking for bi-partisan action. A case in point is Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL, D5) who this past week delivered the House Republicans' weekly radio address supporting offshore drilling in Florida coastal areas. Though its obvious she did not write the address, its easy to see why they chose her to deliver it. Ms. Brown-Waite's Congressional district, which includes Levy, Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco county, happens to be in a western coastal area of the state. What continues to amaze me is that weekly GOP radio address isn't for rank and file Florida Republican consumption, it is intended for Independents and self identified Florida Democrats. So how do the House Republicans address the opposition hoping to pull them into supporting the same position? Let Ms. Brown-Waite do the talking:

"Watching gas prices rise from $2.32 a gallon in January 2007 to $4.08 this week, I am firmly convinced that Americans today face a new hostage crisis. Instead of a 1970s style OPEC embargo, however, American families and the United States economy are being held hostage by a Democrat Congress that refuses to explore for more oil and natural gas. Sadly out of step with the wishes of the American public, the majority does not get it; two new polls this week show that a clear majority of the American people wants to explore for oil, but Democrats have so far said nothing but No, No, No."

There it is: "Democrat Congress." Yep, that sure will get the folks across the aisle to reach out, no doubt about that. Of course they are trying to goad them into support by calling them out to the voters in the state with a pejoritive poke of the stick but for all intents and purposes it is an attempt through insult. An insult I might add to the very people she is trying to convince that include rank and file Florida Democrats.

That GOP 'brand" is really something. And they still can't figure out why in 2006 they lost control of both houses of Congress.

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