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Obama Press Conference In Jacksonville

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sen. Obama is standing on the South Bank with the Acosta Bridge as a backdrop answering questions today here in Jacksonville, FL. His fist question after a brief statement was about offshore oil drilling. He answered with what all the experts know to be true, supplies would not be realized for a generation that would have any marginal affect on prices. His second question was about his campaign opting out of public financing for the general election. CNN only covered it briefly and the local stations aren't covering it at all. I'll try to find some video later and post it. I'm hoping the local paper, The Florida Times Union will print a transcript. Even MSNBC is not covering the presser.

Having just found a live feed from a local news web site I was able to follow the last 15 minutes of the presser. He was asked another question about public financing, a question about NAFTA and McCains claim he was being protectionist and another question about Democrats on the hill subpoenaing witnesses about the Attorney General firings. I'll try to find a video later and post it.

Update: I found this nearly 5 minute clip via You Tube on the Senator's visit today here in Jacksonville, FL:

Update II: Democrat Alex Sink, Florida CFO joins in on the criticism of the state GOP and the McCain Campaign touting new offshore drilling rights off Florida's coast:

Alex Sink, Florida Chief Financial Officer, said Friday she is not in favor of offshore drilling because of the negative effect it would have on Florida’s $60 billion tourism industry.

“I think this is a very shortsighted approach to put our economy at risk for oil drilling along the coast when we all know that the first drop of oil wouldn’t even come for ten years,” Sink said.

You can see the video here for her remarks in full.

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