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Amtrak sets revenue and passenger rail service records

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And how many times has the GOP tried to kill Amtrak saying year after year its a money loser and a waste of time? Let me count the ways....well, maybe not. There isn't enough bandwidth to do that. The irony here is almost overwhelming. The Amtrak passenger rail service has been the red headed step child of public transportation since the demise of corporate passenger railroads. Leave it to gas at $5.00+/gallon to put the romance back in trains. And now it looks like the revenues are poring in thanks to a government that has turned its back on a comprehensive energy policy since gas lines in 1977 - 1978. Remember everyone making fun of Jimmy Carter trying to move the country to an energy policy to ween us off of foreign oil. Detroit laughed and kept making cars that got under 20 mpg and we kept buying them.

Who's laughing now?