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Ah, Once More Into The Breech Dear Friends!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No better way to return from teacher certification purgatory than to quote Shakespeare I always say. Wow. It seems a lot has happened since I took a little more time than I thought I would need to finish my permanent certification work. All I have to do now is wait to see if it is acceptable for official certification within a week or two.

With 68 days until the Democratic National Convention and 139 days until the election I can't believe how close we are to realizing a new direction for our country and a new hope being realized. This election feels different. Its as if those fleeting moments when Robert F. Kennedy was running for President in early 1968 are back with all the promise and potential. The buzz feels indescribable. There is a visceral quality to this election I've not felt before. I can almost envision Sen. Obama standing with his hand on the bible getting ready to take the oath of office. I keep thinking of that vision as I look forward to it replacing the profaneness of the last two. For someone like me who's political sensibilities have been shaken to the core over these past 7 1/2 years its all I've got left to hold on to.