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I'll Be Out For A Few Days

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I've already been out for a couple of days working on my teacher certification and finishing up school which ended for the students on Thursday. Looks like I'll be out for a few more at least until mid-week to late in the week to finish up my certification process. Just a note about the election campaign so far: I like Obama in Florida as Quinnipac had the race within the the margin of error - McCain 48% to Obama's 44%. Also I'm looking for Faye Armitage to take out John Mica in the 7th.

As I sign of for a few days I'm watching the Clinton endorsement receive unprecedented press coverage. As the MSM follows these campaigns its not hard to figure out where the energy and the excitement lay: the Obama campaign. Unless McCain can rev up his campaign's energy level with a running mate he's going to have problems keeping up with Obama's. The only problem with that is a young, energetic running mate will make him look even older if possible.

Anyway, back in a few days and we will start taking a look at the races in the First Coast congressional districts and start breaking down the numbers for each. This historic campaign has an excitement level that is contagious. Let's enjoy it while we can.

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