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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"We are what we've been waiting for"

I know I'm quoting Barack Obama from a speech last week but over at Open Left Matt Stoller is the one speaking the magic words I've been waiting to hear since the first night I discovered Daily Kos back in his first year online (my user# is 6792). The netroots have been waiting for a night like this despite the lousy weather in Maryland tonight for a long time. A very long time. Matt Stoller speaks for a lot of us as he talks about what Donna Edwards' apparant victory means in Maryland's CD-4:

"[...] the new primary voters who are coming out for Barack Obama are also going to result in the first progressive displacement of a centrist, corporate, congressional Democrat via a primary in years. This it it. This is what we have been working for and building for. This is our emerging majority. We finally have the organization, and the voters, and the whole ball of wax. The movement has thoroughly come of age."

Yeah. We are what we've been waiting for. We couldn't have arrived a minute too soon.