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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tracking Super Tuesday

Before I begin there are two great web sites to follow Super Tuesday results: 2008 Democratic Convention Watch and So far no surprises with Hillary and Obama winning their respective "home" states. Though Clinton technically as 2 home states with Arkansas and New Your, where she is senator, CNN keeps playing up McCain as the man in control of the evening. CNN just called New York for McCain and I was hoping that Huckebee would show a little strength and give McCain a set back. Going back to the Democrats it was really good news seeing him take Georgia. But so far Clinton is an advantageous position delegate wise which is what these primaries are all about.

Update: I'm currently watching Huckebee addressing his supporters in Little Rock and I just can't shake loose his parroting the "culture of life" line we've been hearing since the Texas moron moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Right before he evoked that line he gave the standard winger 2nd amendment shout out. I'll never be able to reconcile the "culture of life" refrain while simultaneously wanting to arm every person they can in the meantime in that "culture." Perhaps they should change the line to "culture of my life locked and loaded."

Update II: Just finished watching Romney talking to the foam mitten wearing supporteres in Boston on CNN and his proclamation he's going to win this thing. He's a little weak on the number of states won tonight but CNN just reported that Arizona, which McCain did win, was called late for their favorite son and Romney dominated with self-identified conservatives by a wide margin. Huckabee keeps showing surprising strength with leads in Tennessee and Missouri. Obama picked up Minnesota and put his total state win to date at eight while Hillary's sits at six. Right now Hillary is speaking live from New York...

Update III: I just read over at Open Left that Matt Stoller is reporting Hillary has accepted the challenge of a debate on FauxNews. This is very disappointing. This doesn't mean Obama has accepted as well but why they continue to bow to these neanderthals is beyond me.