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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bush hearts McCain in a backhanded sort of way

I was watching NBC nightly news last evening when they did a piece on McCain's conservative base problem. I was nearly floored when they had the TANG hero on with that fake look of sincerely he has honed over a 10 year period acknowledging the Senator's problem with conservatives. What floored me though was when he condescendingly told the interviewer he would give McCain a hand and help him through the pitfalls of uniting the party's base. You could almost feel the sting of Bush's back handed support as though McCain was less than he somehow in all things political and he needed Bush's gravitas to help him along.

My dislike for McCain goes all the way back to his Keating Five days of the Congressional savings and loan scandal where of the five he was the lone Republican. How's that for delicious irony? His subsequent stands on taxes, being an anti-abortion advocate and other typical right wing fare including taking on Lieberman as his new BFF makes him even more unlikeable for me. But to have Bush treat this war hero as something less than he is has a profane quality about it. Really profane. What's even more puzzeling is McCain's propensity to take it. After all he's been through does he really need to have Bush hold his hand publicly?