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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday and other musings

Now that "Super Tuesday" is upon us I find it somewhat ironic it falls on a dubious anniversary. On this day 5 years ago, then Secretary of State, Colin Powell made his now infamous appearance before the UN giving cause for an invasion of Iraq. Thinking back to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and making it a comparative only serves to undemine Powell's presentation of what could genereously be described as a power point presentation of drawings and coloring books. JFK had hard evidence and photos at the time. Powell must really be feeling the weight of history on his shoulders now for his duplicious involvement in the greatest scam of all time.

Polls, polls, polls. Wow. If anyone could figure out the plethora of polling data available for today's vote you get a gold star. As a newly onboard Obama supporter now that Edwards is out, I must say I agree with Chris Bowers' observation over at Open Left about the aura of the Obama campaign having a bit of arrogance. He points to Michelle Obama's response to the possibility of Hillary wining the nomination and her having to "think about it" infering there is a question about whether or not she would support Hillary as the nominee if she wins. What? Really? So she isn't different than the GOP candidate? Get real. This sounds like the same ol' Nader bullshit from 2000. Supreme Court. That should be the only anwser to her arrogant rejoinder. The Obama campaign and Sen. Obama himself has a tendency sometimes to confuse confidence with arrogance. They had better figure that out that difference right now.

Speaking of Nader and Chris Bowers over at Open Left, Mr. Bowers wonders which election in your lifetime to date is the most important one? I think it's the election of 2000 simply for the sheer weight it has considering it has all those dead bodies atatched to it. Nader claiming there was no difference between Gore and Bush to this day grates on my pcyche. Everyone at the time thought Gore's use of "lockbox" to underline the Social Security issue was just side splitting funny. I don't see anyone laughing now. And since 2004 I can't seem to find a Nader voter anywhere. Not one that will own up to it anyway.

And have I mentioned that Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller have the best damn blog in the universe?