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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The semantics of torture (or how I learned to enjoy someone else's pain)

Ok. Now that the WH has finally thrown up its arms and confirmed that we in fact now condone torture they have managed to slip into the "it depends on the definition of what torture means" mode. This group keeps calling itself the "culture of life." This group wants to make sure eveyone is armed to to the teeth in this "culture of life." This group wants to make sure your life has a price tag on whether or not you live or die by making your health subject to the free market through private insurers in this "culture of life." They call themselves "compassionate conservatives" in this "culture of life." At this point the administration has managed to pervert all meaning attached to "compassionate."

The UN considers waterboarding torture and has criticized the US for it use and policies. As I've already stated before, how is it that the Clinton administration was able to capture every individual known a the time and that had anything to do with the '93 WTC bombing without infringing on anyone's civil liberties?

Btw, as I was posting this Anderson Cooper on CNN was just on and asking everyone to stay tuned because Glen Beck was next to talk about "Super Tuesday." And why is Glen Beck's vile and racist views on CNN?

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