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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama owns the night

There's something to be said about Obamenteum. Someone on CNN earlier this evening said Hillary can't employ the "Guiliani strategy" and hope to win that nomination now. Banking her hopes on Texas and Ohio seems very risky right now but when you think about it what else can she do? CNN was breaking down the demographics earlier this evening showing that he is making serious cuts into her base: women and latinos. This doesn't bode well for Texas. The smart folks are saying she had to take Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania to make a fight of it. If she loses one of them she's done.

Being torn between these two is tough. Being a former Edwards supporter waiting for Gore had its moments for me as I watched my candidates slip away one by one. The fact of the matter is I love both Hillary and Obama. Both have great strengths to offer our country in leadership. Both still have issues that concern me. Though I am still back to undecided now, my gut tells me the good Senator from Illinois is going to run the table now. I know a poll was issued this evening showing a 17 point lead for Hillary in Ohio. My money says it's gone by March 4th.

Jeez. CNN just switched from Obama speaking in Madison, WI to McCain speaking in Alexandria, VA. It's like going from U2 to Lawerence Welk. Literally. God. Here's McCain using the tired old line about "trusting the American people, not the governement." This is GOP code language for their trust in the American people that are the corporate CEO's. The "government" he doesn't trust is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. You know, the government that Lincoln trusted. The government of the people like you and me.

The GOP is so damn pre-Roosevelt. Make that Teddy Roosevelt.