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Thursday, March 29, 2007

You like me! You really, really like me!

Ah, Flablog is telling us the latest Quinnipiac University poll came out today and surely the champaign corks are popping in the Governor's mansion. Charlie Crist has a 73% approval rating with a whopping 71% approval amoung Democrats alone. That is quite an accomplishment so early into his term. There is no doubt he has a presence and is quite telegenic and enjoys a certain amount of gravitas Jeb Bush lacked. It will be intesting to see how long he can maintain these lofty numbers.

Seeing these numbers I'm reminded of the Roman parable about Julius Ceasar. He is said to have instituted the practice of an aide standing behind him in his chariot during his triumphant victory procession into Rome at the head of his victoriou army. As he rode through the steets amidst thunderous appause and jubilation his aide would whisper into his ear, "Remember, thou art a mere mortal whose duty is to serve Rome" to help guard himself from arrogance and hubris. I wonder which of Gov. Christ's aides has that job?

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