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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wacko conservative blog of the day.....

I love nutball conservatives when they speak with the authoity of being right with every fiber of their being. In the late 1970's the GOP literally jumped all over President Carter when he quoted his then 12 (she could have been 13) year old daughter on nuclear proliferation showing how children preceived the east-west arms race. Now we have a certifiable genius at Moonbattery sounding off about Al Gore's "Inconvinent Truth" backed with the authority of a sixth grade class putting global warming on trial.
Forget what the 6th graders' verdict was (global warming is a fraud). What I found the most laughably intersting about this web site was a link to another site trying to solicite your financial support for the Iraqi Dinar: Yes my friends, you too can delude yourself into the WH carrier lander's dream of a Jeffersonian free Iraq by investing in their paper currency. I wonder how many of Bush's "Pioneer's" have already taken the plunge? Better yet, I would love to know how many FOXNews broadcasters have taken the plunge? My guess is the exact same number that have signed up to enlist and head on over to get in on the liberatin': Zero. Boy, how far is my neck stuck out on that one?


Anonymous said...

You think that zero of the Bush supporters have invested? You would be very wrong on that. So have a number of Democrats that you know of. I also think it is amazing that a bunch of 6th graders can figure out the truth about Global Warming and you can't. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your position. You could also ignore this message, just keep drinking Al Gore's cool-aid. Everything will be fine.

Michael said...

Yes, your signoff as anonymous took great courage. You should take all that bravery and head over to Bagdad for all that liberatin'. As for your post regarding that killer money maker, Iraqi Dinar investments, perhaps you should rethink your excitment by taking a gander at this article at the Better Business Bureau site:

"BBB Warns that Iraqi Dinar Investment is Creating Concerns and Complaints

For Immediate Release

Arlington, VA, February 21, 2007 – The Council of Better Business Bureaus is warning consumers across the United States and Canada to be wary when considering foreign currency investment, particularly alleged investment deals for the Iraqi Dinar.

The Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois has seen a recent spike in consumer complaints focused on Dinar investment. The BBB continues to field an increasing number of complaints from around the world, with many coming from military personnel claiming fraud over Dinar investment deals."

Great support of our troops pal. See full article with the the bad news here:

Anonymous said...

I invested when it was around 1920 Dinar to a USD, now it is around 1280. That is better than a bank. So your premise is wrong. Hold on before you invest, however... read on.

About the BBB, of course there are problems with something like this. You expected something different? Anytime you have investments there is always the posibility of fraud. In this case people are buying currency, sometimes with no knowledge of what they are buying. Know who you are dealing with and know your product. Would you know a fake Euro/Quid/Rubble/Swiss Franc if you saw one? Probably not. When I got my currency I knew exactly how to find out if it was legit. I checked every note. Also beware that it is a high risk investment. An investment professional would tell you to not invest it here. Probably sound advice since the Democrats seem to want a permanent world wide war. They may get their wish.

As for Iraq, been there, done that, I have the tee shirt. I don't need yet another username/password to keep track of. Too many as it is. Anonymous is quick, easy.