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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corrine! .....Say what?!?

On occasion when I squawk about my wife getting on me about something she reminds me, "Hey, if I have to feed the pony and water the pony I get to ride the pony." Well, since Corrine Brown is my pony for 3CD (3rd Congrtessional District) who gets fed and watered with my vote, guess what I get to do........ride that pony!

I was somewhat dismayed by Corrine recently when she visited Walter Reed hospital in her capacity as a sitting member of the House Committe on Veterans'Affairs. I'm not quite sure of the distinction here but she is quoted as summing up her visit with, "The caliber of service is not the problem, it was the conditions,” Brown said Monday. “You get the best of care there.” Memo to the Congresswoman: Your stay in a medical facility during the rehabilitation phase is an essential part of your 'care.' Her statement is no different than a post operative assesment claiming the operation was a success but the patient died.

Other than that Mrs. Kennedy how was your ride through Dealey Plaza?