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Thursday, March 29, 2007

As the Bible turns....

...or in this case, as the disciple turns. Head on over to Pam's House Blend (h/t to Daily Kos)for a riveting interview with Joe Murray, a former staff AFA (American Family Association) attorney and current columnist with Philidelphia's The Bulletin. With all the ecumenical arm waving over homosexuality and the seemingly rabid obsession the religious right has with it, this interview was indeed, as Pam points out, a jaw dropper.

Murray's op-ed in the The Bulletin is in response to Gen. Peter Pace, the current Chariman of the Joint Chief of Staff, and his controversial remarks last week about the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding homosexualtiy and the military. Murray delivers a blistering polemic on Pace and his like minded supporters who regard homosexual acts as immoral.

I'm always scratching my head at the conservative Christian community who seem, not just fixated on homosexualtiy, but on the Old Testament itself. I hardly ever hear them speak publicly discussing how we could aid the poor and the disadvantaged and help those in the community that could use some kindness and understanding. These are things the New Testament seem preoccupied with, not the judgements and moral pronouncements discussed ad nauseum in the OT.