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President Obama & Misplaced Liberal / Progressive Optimism

Friday, January 22, 2010

I know Atrios is right about Bernanke but I'm afraid his optimism about how President Obama may now move towards naming actual walking and breathing liberals to top positions such as intelligence and finance is misplaced. As much as I deplore and hate Donald Rumsfeld I am forced to channel him when I say President Obama is the Democratic President we have. He is the one we will have to rely on to move on any number of progressive issues. If his first year, which officially ended yesterday, is any indication of how he will finish out his term(s) I won't be holding my breath.

He started out as the guy I voted for to do the things I thought he stood for on the campaign trail. Over the past year though my enthusiasm and excitment have been tempered and my support for him has been reset to my default position of why I always vote for Democrats: its for what they won't do.

Update: Well, how do you do. Josh Orton over at MyDD helps make it clear to everyone that so far, President Obama is no FDR.

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