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Marco Rubio On Twitter: It's A Gas

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anyone who uses or peruses the remarkable social networking tool Twitter finds themselves at once a little awed by its reach while at the same time feeling some trepidations about what it says about the individual using it. The 140 character limitation for each “tweet” really serves as an engine for imagination for one to get across a thought or ideas in such a constrained and tight available script. For some it can lead to thought provoking insight while at the same time lead to curious suggestions about one's thought processes on a somewhat unintentional comedic level.

This brings me to the tea-bagger wanna be and current Republican candidate for Mel Martinez’s Senate seat Marco Rubio and his twitter feed. If one is to make a comparison with his rival, Gov. Charlie Crists’ twitter feed, you get quite a discrepancy between the mundane and the colorful. The interesting thing about Rubio’s tweets is his response to “attacks” from liberal bloggers (ahem…) and lefty Dems. I’m not writing this post to to do a serious piece on Rubio’s thinking process or deconstruct his right wing stances. Whenever he opens his mouth publicly he takes care of that. What I’m looking for is the comedic value. Let’s take a look at what possible comedic possibilities Rubio’s tweets might offer us:

"liberal bloggers and DEM operatives attacking me 4 opposing Obama bank tax "Never mind what haters say ignore them till they fade away #tcot"

Awww…until we fade away? How will that happen? Perhaps the next tweet might give us some insight…

"Will be @ gun show @ Lakeland Center at 12:15 today. Then Tea Party in Citrus County @ Old Ct House in Inverness @ 3.

Guess there is some wishful thinking on his part…at least for those supporters at the event and those tea baggers…and what’s the best way to get connect with these supporters? Why how else…not through the liberal media? No way, better pick some “fair & balanced” coifs to do that…

"Check out my interview w/CNBC's Kudlow: 3:35 PM Jan 14th "

"I will be a guest on the Glenn Beck radio show today. You can listen @ after 11 a.m. Eastern #sayfie 10:24 AM Jan 14"

"Will be on Kudlow Report at 7:40 on CNBC
#sayfie 6:40 PM Jan 12th from Echofon "

"Will be on Fox Biz channel at 6pm with Cavuto.

I’m sorry I missed these. I’m wondering if Beck cried for him on the show. Better yet, wonder if ol’ Beckaroo could get Marco to cry with him…
Ah, yes. Then there is that you tube video from his supporters:

"Heard about youtube video using Hitler. It's offensive & grotesque I ask supporters not to forward & hope msm does not promote it.
#sayfie 9:14 PM Oct 27th, 2009 from Echofon"

C’mon Marco! Republican big tent…remember? Oh that’s right, that’s a Crist meme. Can’t be like that. And besides with the # of non-white faces at those tea bagger events you should have no problem fitting everyone under your one size fits all tent.

Yeah, those Rubio tweets are real knee slappers, aren’t they? All that’s missing is William Shatner reading them to music on a late night comedy show, right? Actually, these tweets aren’t funny at all. Not even unintentionally. They are dead serious. No long serious piece needed here or a deconstruction of what Rubio is about and what he stands for. They speak loud and clear for themselves. And he’s going to beat Charlie Crist in the primary.

Wait until those tea baggers get a load of Kendrick Meek. You’ll see a lot more tweets that look like the last one above. Good luck with that Marco. That’s some social networking tool there isn’t it?

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