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The GOP Gets Away With Another One

Sunday, January 31, 2010

While the plaudits continue to roll in for President Obama's question and answer performance before the GOP retreat in Baltimore, MD this past week I fine it interesting the MSM media and all the top progressive bloggers with their subsequent commenters seems to have missed something that I found quite annoying during this historic event. Every chance a Republican Representative had to refer to the Democratic party they used the pejorative terms "Democrat Party", "Democrat policies" & "Democrat leadership." The President in has admonitions to them seems to have let that one slide. I am still somewhat bemused how the Republican leadership continues to present the posture of a 10 year old as they pretend to "reach out" for compromise. Trying to have a dialog with someone in opposition with you while calling them names is a funny way of doing that.

My one minor complaint about the President's appearance before his critics as they tried a series of gottcha's is his missed opportunity to call them on being in control of every branch of government for six years and failing to not only enact any of the ideas they were presenting tho the President but failing to even bring them up. Even Chris Matthews caught that one in his role as the resident MSNBC diva in his post Q & A analysis. This makes their stance of "NO" to every Democratic party move at reform look even more ridiculous and hypocritical.


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