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Ben Stein's Ideological White Out

Sunday, January 31, 2010

On CBS this morning Ben Stein, former Nixon speech writer, conservative and a noted evolution denier gave his standard weekly critique of the Obama administration and its economic policies. One can only surmise how Mr. Stein got this gig after not only participating in the Nixon administration and its infamous price and wages freeze program that resulted in a failure of monumental proportions to stop inflationary pressures in the economy but who also gave "what me worry?" advice right before the 2008 economic crash. I'm just curious who ok's this stuff at the network and gives a guy like this who has absolutely no credibility at all on issues that he is on record for being incredibly wrong. Giving him a format with which to act as a critic at large seems somewhat ludicrious. But then again this is a network that thinks Katie Couric has the gravitas to sit in Walter Conkite's old chair.


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