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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I struggled for a few days after John Edwards dropped out of the race with who to support because I was so crushingly disappointed. In the Democratic Party running for President and Vice President is unforgiving when you lose. With the exception of Al Gore, who actually won the election of 2000 and was pick pocketed his rightful place in public view, I knew John Edwards as a potential POTUS was done. He knows it as well. You don't get three chances in that game. But even that scenario has an exception. Sitting Vice Presidents operate under a different dynamic.

When Edwards came out and endorsed Sen. Obama I could see the two running together. Previously I was an Obama/Richardson fan. Now though, I'm an Obama/Edwards supporter all the way. I posted his full speech endorsing Obama in the recommended videos section in the right panel. It was one of his best speeches ever. And it was electric. Here is the money moment of the endorsement and you can see how dynamic they look on stage toether (more on this endorsement in a later post):

Yeah. That IS the ticket. I've been too busy working on my teaching certificate to devote time to the blog but I'm almost there and I'll be back to blogging soon. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep the sidebar stuff up to date until my return.

Update: You can go here to get my full analysis on the Edwards endorsement over at Open Left.

Obama/Edwards '08

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