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Broward County cashes in on the other side of the Florida story

Friday, May 16, 2008

The MSM has consistently made it a point to lump Florida in with Michigan whenever a question about thier delegations being seated at the Democratic National Convention comes up. The circumstances surrounding both are as different as night and day. For one, both Florida State houses are dominated by the GOP and Republican Governor Charlie Crist. In the state house the ratio is 77 Republicans to 43 Democrats. The state senate has a ratio of 26 Republicans to 14 Democrats. As for Michigan their state government is headed by Canadian born Governor Jennifer Granholm. Their state house has a 58 Democrats to 54 Republican ratio. Their state Senate has a reverse majority of 21 Republicans to 14 Democrats.
      The circumstances surrounding the Florida Democratic party violating DNC Rule 20.C.1(a) & Rule 11.A as it pertains to primary dates were well documented at the time throughout the state in various local media outlets. When the GOP dominated legislature decided to move the state March primary date to January 29th, bypassing Feb. 5th, in violation of DNC rules the elected Democratic party members were not in a position to stop it. Though attempts were made by their leadership to introduce legislation to not move the date past Feb. 5th they were all overwhelmingly defeated by the majority party. To make a long story short the Democrates wound up supporting an omnibus bill that contained a provision to introduce legislation mandating the state provide a voting process that included a paper trail. The state Democratic party's hand was forced and the bill was passed.
        Now that the paper trail mandate of the provision is in place the Broward County Democrats (Ft. Lauderdale) are moving to take advantage of the bill while at the same time tagging the state GOP brand with the label they deserve: the party of voter suppression and irregularities. This reputation is well deserved as it stands in the light still glowing from the 2000 election debacle. Watch the video the Broward County Democrats, lead by Chair Mitch Ceasar, have put together that crystalizes the issue perfectly introducing voter paper trails in the upcoming election while at the same time covering the GOP with the stench of ther past actions. The video is simply brilliant. They are asking for donations to help them make statewide media buys to define the issue for the 2008 election and put the GOP on the defensive.

        Head on over and give them a hand with a donation. This, along with Obama's smackdown today on the attacks against him, gives this old yellow dog Democrat a feeling that is long overdue. We're finally fighting back. Hard.


        Chris S said...

        "The state Democratic party's hand was forced and the bill was passed"

        So what you're saying is that Democratic members of the Legislature are incapable of coming to decisions on their own, or voting their own conscience.

        I see...

        Every single one of them could have voted NO, and waited on the paper trail issue for another sessions.

        In fact, 2 GOP legislators seemed to have no problem saying no.

        TrumanDem said...

        Well I can't damn you for making my point for me. ONLY two GOP legislators said no? How brave of them seeing they are the ones without a dog in the hunt. Omnibus bills are an old legislative trick by the opposition where other provisions are loaded into the bill around the core legislation to be used later in election contests. If one finds the cental legislative part of the bill to loathsome to vote for then they vote against it at their own peril. When election time comes around then their opponent can use it against them proclaiming, "You voted against it when you had a chance and now you are for it?" This is a trick used by both parties. Democrats held thier noses for the paper trail though they knew the consequences. At least the state GOP will find it more difficult to steal an election this time.


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        "The Buck Stopped Here"

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