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McCain and Bush's new poll numbers

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Duncan Black over at Eschaton is throwing ponies around like a bunch of teenagers with pillows at a pajama party. And why, you ask? It seems Bush is still searching for bottom in Presidential approval numbers. Zogby just pegged him at a whopping 23%, the lowest in that polls history. One has to wonder how McCain is taking that bit of news. He can take some solice in the fact that same poll shows Congressional approval dropping five points as well. But then there is that wrong track, right rack polling. McCain, the self admitted 20th century man, is going to have to come up with 21st century answers. Wow, I guess those gas prices are starting to make a real impact. I mean being an oil man and all I can't imagine what the 49% that voted for Bush in the first place thought he was going to do.
    In any event, perhaps one of John McCain's "lobbyist"/advisors can come up with some answers. When they do don't hold your breath expecting any of those "answers" to be any help to us non-corporate folks out here in the hinterland. But I'm sure the oil company executives will get another pat on the back with a "buck up boys, help is on the way" from Mr. "I was against Bush's long term tax cuts before I was for them" McCain.