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Corrine Brown Calls Out Howard Dean To Seat Florida's Delegates

Friday, May 23, 2008

First, there was Florida state Senator Steve Geller, D-Cooper City filing a lawsuit to force the DNC to seat the Florida delegation at the Demoratic National Convention in Denver. Now, we have Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL CD#3) popping off and calling out Howard Dean and demanding the same equating the issue with the 2000 election debacle where a Presidential election was highjacked from the actual winner. One of my main objectives as a liberal/progressive blogger is to not only call out the GOP on their malfeasence and especially when they misrepresent themselves and the American people, but to hold our Democratic party officals accountable for their actions. This call by both state Senator Steve Geller and Congresswoman Corrine Brown is not only disengenious, but it supports the GOP frame designed by the GOP dominated Florida legislature to try and cause as much chaos in the Florida Democratic Party as possible. And right now they are doing a pretty good job doing it with enablers like Geller and Brown helping them as hard as they can. At Open Left and FLA Politics I posted on this very issue here and here trying to clarify the other side of this story.

They both need to keep their mouths shut and follow the rules they agrreed to in the first place. Their manufactured outrage and insistence is not only promoting the GOP frame that the State and National Democratic party can't get their acts together, they are promoting ignorance of how the political system works within the Democratic Party and looking pretty damned stupid doing it. Memo to both of these individuals playing into the GOP frame: the eventual Democratic nominee would have seated the deleations from both Florida and Michigan anyway. They would have made sure of it. These two general election swing states are two imporant not to do so. What you see playing out here is two Hillary supporters trying to make news for their candidate at the expense of party unity and public perception by playing to the ignorance of the voters in Florida. On top of that the MSM is helping them.

Get off it guys and just stop. Let's focus our attention on the real targets here: Sen. John McCain along with the state and national Republican Party.