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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Senator Russell Feingold Makes His Move

Sen. Feingold of Wisconsin has made his Iowa move according to the Washington Post's The Fix via Taegan Goddard's Political Wire. Chris Cillizza pointa out that he's also hired former Gore 2000 consultant Paul Tewes, who has Iowa ties. A reader/commenter points out the obvious questions for Feingold as he begins this long process: does a thrice divorced jewish guy have a real chance at the nomination? I like Feingold a lot and I'm giving him very close consideration as my guy in 2008 along with Wesley Clark and Al Gore. If Gore doesn't run then my choice would be one of these two.

There is already a couple of Feingold for President sites with the most prominent one here: I"ll post more later, but I've been expecting this as has others waiting to see what his intentions were at this point. His lone stand against the Patriot Act and his anti war stance gives him a tacking angle against HRC to her left and might make her vulnerable in the end on those issues al la Howard Dean in 2004. As I said, more about this later.