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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Around the state...

Welcome to my new feature, Sunshine State Daily Blog Roundup. The blogs featured here usually fit Steve Pavlina’s ingredients for great blogs (more on that later) this blogger is trying to follow. These are blogs you more or less won’t find on the Florida Lefty Blog list at Lefty Blogs (with the exception of Interstate4jamming of course). Anyway, here are my picks for today’s roundup.

Go right now to Pensacola Beach Blog and read the “Great Wall of Iraq” post. It’s chilling. TampaBlab wins the most provocative link award as it tells us about Right Wing Howler’s take on a controversial ad regarding guys looking for female roommates in exchange for,…well you can guess. It’s all about values, isn’t it? Robert C. over at Interstate4jamming does a nice job keeping us, [ahem] abreast of the latest saga surrounding the GOP darling of thrown Diebold elections, Katherine Harris, and her Senate bid to unseat Bill Nelson. It seems Ms. Harris will be on Nightline opting for yet another national appearances in lieu of meeting with local and state media. He has two posts that are great reads. Random_Speak has a great post on
abstinence-only education that’s a must read. It only bolsters the argument that abortion/pro-life fanatics could careless about the fetus and pro-life issues. It always has been and it will continue to be about S – E – X and their attempts to control your bedroom behavior. The right’s obsession with sex never ceases to amaze me. Here’s a recommendation for Lucky White Girl. Head over and read anything she posts, you won’t regret it.

If you head over to Catherine’s re-post at Out In Left Field on the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve) and the Bush WH you'll see why I love reading her stuff. This is another must read. She speaks for us all as she remembers the forgotten component of this illegal war:

I know a few people who are getting ready to ship out as a result of IRR. They served their country well and now have to go back against their will. Without exception, every one has been outspoken against this administration and the way Iraq has been handled. I feel for these veterans, I really do. They should be
thanked for their extraordinary service and allowed to return to civilian life. They’ve earned it.

Right on Catherine.

And last, but not least Ben, over at his Last Liberal In Central Florida Blog, links to an interesting piece about how to make your blog a high traffic site after a little rant on the Technorati Search List. It’s definitely worth a read. You can bet I gave it a good looking over. It covers ten steps that are really common sense things to do.

Please let me know about any interesting blogs you run across.

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