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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Homage to Britney via Elvis

This post by Jane Hamshire at her blog Firedoglake was just too good not to comment on. When I read it I nearly laughed myself to death once she explained the pro-life movement's real obsession. A photo is floating around the blogosphere showing a sculptured work depicting the birth of Britney Spears' second child as a homage to the pro-life movement. (The back of the work shows Spears' baby crowning). When I first saw it I shrugged it off as just another example of bad art celebrated by those who also collected works of art in velvet. That is until Jane explained the Freudian undercurrent it really represented:

"The right may be good at reptilian brain doggedness but there is not a single artistic bone in their entire body politic. Good lord who thought a statue of some erstwhile Hooters hostess lying spread-eagle on a bearskin rug with a kid’s head popping out of her cooter was a tribute to anything but velvet Elvis high camp. No doubt little embryonic copies will sell like hotcakes off the shelves of Silverlake kitsch shops but Britney’s GOT to be dying.

I think it signals a crisis point in American sex education, the inevitable result of teaching "abstinence only" in our schools. The sculptor does not seem to realize this is the position you assume to give a blow job, not birth."

Yep. The Starr report makes more sense every time the right opens it's mouth about sex. Judge Starr's tome on Clinton's peccadilo (that's singular) makes reading D.H. Lawrence an exercise in Victorian prudishness. For some reason the right is not only obsessed by sex but by fellatio. Twenty years from now Ken Starr's decendents will be the ones that are just dying.


Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful the sculptor of this "pro-life" "monument" felt it necessary to include the carcass of a dead animal. That is a wonderful metaphor to the absurdity of the "pro-life" view and its ridiculous label, and, on a broader scale, perhaps even the effects of human overpopulation on the rest of the LIFE on this planet and pro-lifers lack of concern thereof. Nice touch. Hilarious ... uh, "monument."

Anonymous said...

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