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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sen. Feingold's Nightmare For Lieberman

Don’t look now, but Ned Lamont just got a H – U –G – E boost from Wisconsin’s own Sen. Russell Feingold (D). This morning on This Week with George Stephanopolous Sen. Feingold announced he would introduce a resolution of censure against Bush for his actions regarding illegal wire-tapping. Though it is doubtful whether or not it will ever make it out of committee, let alone to the floor for one of Frist’s “up or down vote, up or down vote” it should force Democrats to speak out one way or the other as to whether they support it or not. It won’t be hard to guess where Jomentum will fall on the issue.

Sen. Feingold’s gift to Ned Lamont, Jomentum’s likely primary opponent, is priceless. Watching Lieberman defend Bush’s wire-tapping will most assuredly ratchet up the pressure on him as he tried to solidify the base he’ll need to fend off Lamont. As a matter of fact as far as I’m concerned we’d better see 44 Democrats speaking out for this, Lieberman not withstanding. Sen. Feingold’s move here is nothing short of brilliant. Forget that George Stephanopolous asked the Senator about filing for articles of impeachment, he should know better that only the House can file for impeachment. It certainly will be fun watching the posturing that’s about to take place once Sen. Feingold introduces this in committee. I hope the chiropractors in D.C. are ready for a lot of business.